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Ride like a Viking Members
could be just what you need if ..

You have tried every-thing and on the verge of giving up

You'd like to have a horse who is safe to ride but not boring

You want to make a living or side income with horses

Solve Problems While Building a Magical Bond with your Horse

Is your horse at times unfocused, lazy or anxious and you feel the need to use force to get your horse "in place" - while what you really want is a partnership where your horse follows at liberty and can be ridden with light signals? 

Is your horse at times difficult to stop or hard in the mouth? But buying sharper bits and keeping a firm grip on the reins has not worked as planned?

A few exercises done in a mindful way, will solve these problems - while building a magic bond with your equine partner, enabling you to train and ride at liberty, without depending on treats. 

You are the best trainer for your horse

When given the chance, horses can control themselves and form strong bonds with their owners. They are also capable of using their bodies in a functional way, with hind-leg engagement and a functional top line, without being micromanaged. If we just let them!

This is because the mind of the horse affects how they use their body. When their minds are happy and relaxed, their bodies take a functional shape with natural self-carriage and hind leg engagement, coming from self.

That's why knowing a few simple exercises that strengthens your bond with your equine partner and allows your horse to be comfortable, makes riding a whole lot easier for you and much healthier for the horse.

Ride like a Viking Members

Get feedback & be part of a supportive community!

Get Feedback

Weekly live interactive meetings on Zoom are included in the price. Where we find solutions and share suggestions, so that you never feel stuck! If you can`t make it recordings are available for replay.

Ask Questions

Get individual input about your situation with your special  horse! Receive advice and suggestions by simply making a video or by describing the problem. 

Share Progress

Be part of a supportive and cheering community where you can share progress and suggestions with others. This is crucial when training your own horse, work with horses for others or if you are a riding instructor. 

Learn how in the comfort of your home and facilities with instructor Cathrine Fodstad

Your instructor Cathrine Fodstad is certified horse trainer from Holar University College and instructor from Norwegian Equine Center, she has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race.

After 35 years of riding and training horses, she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, and easily lead and ride them at liberty. - Now you can do the same through videos showing how (with different horses) and access to weekly live Q&A`s!

  Everything you need to succeed!  

Access to 14 Units


Connect with your horse

By practicing the exercise in this unit, you will become the herd when away from the herd and the treat when training you horse so that you can do liberty without depending on pressure or treats.  

The Bonuses

Let's not forget



Horses being pushy or dangerous is one of the most common reason they are given away or given up on. Get everything you need to stay safe when training potentially dangerous horses so that you can change their behaviour in an effective and kind way.




Learn simple ground work that helps mare with severe separation anxiety find relaxation and confidence when away from other horses. If your horse is anxious when alone - this is the video series for you!  



Connect with and catch shy horses, without using pressure or treats. Learn why it`s wise to do this before doing anything else, like tying up or brushing them, as this is key when solving shyness and anxiety long term. 

After 30 minutes the horse changed!

"I started training a horse for someone else. This horse was a big problem for the owner who had been hurt more than once, the horse would not go away from the stable, and would turn 180° and go home out of the blue. He was pushy and jumped on people when he got scared. After working just 30 min with this horse, knowing what to do from the Ride Like a Viking program this horse was already a different horse! I also started training other riders and helping them with their horses thanks to this program!" 

Katrine Hoff




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The most flexible solution with payments only made once per month 

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14-day unconditional money back guarantee

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FULL access to growing video library with everything you need to succeed

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Personal feedback on weekly live interactive meetings on Zoom 

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Access to members only private Facebookgroup

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Donation to SOS Children`s Village on your behalf