Is your horse at times unfocused, lazy or anxious and you feel the need to use force to get your horse "in place" - while what you really want is a partnership where your horse follows at liberty and can be ridden with light signals? Maybe even without reins!

Is your horse at times difficult to stop or hard in the mouth? But buying sharper bits and keeping a firm grip on the reins has not worked as planned?

A few exercises done in a mindful way, will solve these problems - while building a magic bond with your equine partner at the same time. 

You are the best trainer for your horse

When given the chance, horses can control themselves and form strong bonds with their owners. They are also capable of using their bodies in a functional way, with hind-leg engagement and a functional top line, without being micromanaged. If we just let them!

This is because the mind of the horse affects how they use their body. When their minds are happy and relaxed, their bodies take a functional shape with natural self-carriage and hind leg engagement, coming from self.

That`s why knowing a few simple exercises that strengthens your bond with your equine partner and allows your horse to be comfortable, makes riding a whole lot easier for you and much healthier for the horse. 

Exercises that anyone can do - even adult leisure riders and kids! Maybe even especially leisure riders and kids, case horses enjoy the company of their owner the most and they also learn best in the comfort of their home surroundings. 

Experience the joy of riding a self- controlling and connected horse, that is easy to collect!

Riding on loose reins or at liberty doesn`t mean your horse is on the front part. On the contrary!

Horses collect from behind to forward. Reaching your horse`s hind legs while not needing reins up front for control facilitates hind leg engagement and a functional top line. 

As a result of the hind being engaged your horse will rise in the withers, lift the back and curve the neck.  This is also called collection, although we don`t like to talk about that cause the mare word encourages riders to pick up the reins and curl their horse`s neck, and therefore ride the horse from front to behind. Which is the opposite of collection and a huge and very common pitfall.

We avoid all of that by training our horses and ourselves to ride without depending on the reins, which, when the time comes makes collection a lot easier! 

Learn how with step by step videos and weekly Q&As

In Ride Like a Viking Members you get access to step by step videos and weekly Q&As showing you how to train your horse to become easy to ride and handle at liberty without depending on treats.

Your instructor Cathrine Fodstad is certified horse trainer from Holar University College and instructor from Norwegian Equine Center, she has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race.


After 35 years of riding and training horses, she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, and easily lead and ride them at liberty. - Now you can do the same in the comfort of your own fascicles!

Riding without reins may look complicated but its not, anyone can do this, the exercises are not difficult to do but will require some time and dedication, combined with the willingness to start at the start. Because the connection we build on the ground we bring with us up into the saddle. 


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Dominique Fletcher.jpg

This is a wonderful training! Simple, effective, easy to follow and mind blowing results from very little doing. I love it! You get questions answered and progress with your horse making connection the principal goal without spending months doing the same thing over and over - and the cost is very reasonable. The simple exercise of standing with my horse until he focused and relaxed, helped me a lot with Hàkon. Two days later I was able to trailer load him!

— Dominique Fletcher



Connection is the greatest reward we can give our horse! As herd and flight animals horses value company and someone taking the guard higher than food. When you learn this you become the treat which is what makes liberty training without treats possible. 

Body Language

Horses communicate with each other through body language. That`s why it`s wise to use body language when talking to horses. By learning how to communicate clearly and mindfully with your body, you become your horses`s trusted friend and beloved leader. 

Liberty Riding

By giving choices in a strategic way we make our idea the horse`s idea. This technique is the reason we never have to win or start a battle with horses. Knowing how to do this will enable you to solve problems and become one with horses, even the ones others have given up on. 


New videos added every month


Connect with your horse

By practicing the exercise in this unit, you will:

  • Be able to claim personal space without offending the horse

  • Get your horse’s attention and relaxation while taking the guard

  • Become the treat when training you horse 


Find and follow the slack

If we want a great partnership with our horse, it`s important that we take leadership in a way that is natural and comfortable for the horse to understand.

You will get the path to success when leading off body language and learn how to teach your horse to follow the slack.


Communicate with body language

when using halter and lead

Learn how to use body language when communicating with your horse so that you can move all part of your horse off body language from a distance. Say goodbye to the lunge whip and hello body language. 


Train and lead at liberty 

This unit teaches how to communicate with horses at liberty by using body language. You will also learn how to lead your horse without lead rope.



Help your horse become braver

and less spooky

Make your horse braver and less spooky to potentially scary objects and situations, without hurting yourself or the horse in the process.

This unit also includes videos on saddling at liberty and saddle fitting, - a great way to ensure your horse is comfortable when being saddled. 


Ride with light signals

Learn a step by step path to feel in the reins, which will make your horse respond with softness to your rein and easy to stop, in any situation!    

You will also learn how to attach your leg aid to the hind-leg of the horse and ride your horse from behind to forward. 


Trailer loading made easy

By using the groundwork taught in this program your horse will become attracted by the trailer. You will also learn how to practice connection to get rid of claustrophobia or stress that your horse might associate with the trailer. 


Teach your horse self-control

Make your horse self controlling by giving choices. After knowing this you will no longer need to use your riding aids or lunge line to control the horse, because you`ll know how to make your idea your horse`s idea. 


Ride without bridle

Once you’ve completed the previous units you have developed a new connection with your horse. With this in place, you will be surprised how easy it is to ride without reins!​ This unit teaches you the important last pieces of the puzzle, that makes liberty riding safe and easy.

If you don`t want to ride at liberty - you are allowed to skip it! Be proud of yourself for knowing how to ride a horse without depending on the reins for control.


Fun stuff to do with horses

This unit is all about doing fun stuff with horses! From taking them along as hand horse to play ball.

Ballgames are a great way to motivate lazy horse or desensitize nervous ones. This unit can be done earlier in the program. It`s however important, that horses respond to body language and respect our personal space before attempting to play ball with them.  


How to motivate a lazy horse

This unit shows how to make a dull horse eager to work and easy to ride - and not pull the reins out of the riders hands to eat grass, even when ridden by kids. It also shows how to ride off from the stable at liberty with a home bound horse that is reluctant to go alone on trails. 


Long reining

Learn the art of long reining without manipulating the neck and risk getting a horse with a curled neck and no hind leg engagement. You will know what equipment to use and how to do turns that promotes hind leg engagement, self carriage and softness.


Foal handling and herd management

Follow along as we tend to our herd of horses. Learn hoof trimming and deworming. How to halter train foals and young horses as well as herd management. Articles and research on common horse health issues and how to avoid them are also shared. 


Live Q&A

Every Thursday


Get individual input about your situation with your special  horse! Receive advice and suggestions by simply making a video or by describing the situation. Cathrine  will help you live every Thursday. You will also receive support from  a understanding group that cheers for you! 


Hi, I was hoping you would share some tips on how to train the tolt on a young horse. The horse in question is a 7 year old mare. I believe her to be a four gaiter she is a strong trotter. Thanx !


After doing ground work with halter and lead rope, we had our first session at liberty. It was a success! He followed me around before we even got started and he recognized all my signals from working with halter and lead rope. 

- Katinka Hestnes-Lande  succeeds with hard to catch horse



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