Certified Trainers and Instructors

Laura Fries Ride Like a Viking Instructor United States

Laura Fries

Trainer and Instructor

Montana - United States

Laura rides true liberty with her mare Nellie and also takes on Off The Track Thoroughbreds. She specializes in understanding the nature of horses and how  to communicate with them through body language, from the ground and when riding. Laura is also a bitless expert, committed to never use a bit when riding her horses. 

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Lisbeth Svarthoel Ride Like a Viking Instructor Norway

Lisbeth Svarthoel

Trainer and Instructor

Innlandet - Norway 

If you have a horse that needs a little tune up to become safe and soft in the reins, yet fun to ride, Rokostallen is the place to go. Here Lisbeth teaches and trains horses. If you want great connection and great rideability you will not be disappointed. She does and teaches her magic with Off The Track Trotters and holds clinics. 

Renska Younger Bunte Ride Like a Viking Instructor Australia

Renska Younger

Trainer and Instructor

Victoria - Australia 

Renska is founder and CEO of Hestaviksa. She understands horses and how to make others feel good when learning something new. If you have difficulties or want to experience the joy of riding and handling a self controlling and connected horse, Renskas clear and kind guidance will get you there! 

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Laura Campbell Ride Like a Viking Instructor New Zealand

Laura Campbell

Trainer and Instructor

North Island - New Zealand

Laura combines Rike Like a Viking method and classical dressage with emphasis on hind leg engage-ment, self-carriage and clear gaits. Groundwork and liberty exercises you learn from her improves this in an easier and non controlling way than what normally taught. You are going to love it!

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Lizett Skottestad Ride Like a Viking Trainer Norway

Lizett Skottestad


Troms - Norway

Lizett combines horse training with life coaching. With a Major in sociology and certification as Leadership by Heart Master Coach, Lizett understands humans and horses. Personal development and horses training goes hand in hand, with Lizett you get the best of both worlds in one person! 

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Pia Stettler Bonnie Ponies Club Ride Like a Viking trainer certificate

Pia Stettler

Trainer and Instructor

Kanton Zürich - Switzerland

Excellent horse trainer that even trains mules, who are far to intelligent to simply be forced into behaving and therefore require special skills. Pia has a bright, kind and clear energy, animals and humans can`t help but love. If you get to train with Pia consider yourself very lucky! 

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Linda Hofman Ride Like a Viking Instructor the netherlands

Linda Hofman

Trainer and Instructor

Gelderland - The Netherlands

Linda combines Ride Like a Viking liberty training with the art of academic riding. She can ride her hot Andalusian without reins and explain how she does it so that others can do the same. No wonder students are flocking to her establishment and online courses.

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Sara Thofte Ride Like a Viking Instructor Denmark

Sara Thofte

Trainer and Instructor

Jylland - Denmark

Sara is very patient and has a deep understaning of horses, that she magically helps others develop too, by taking the time it takes and explain what the horses are saying along the way. If you want to understand your horse better and be able to ride and train at liberty, in a safe and fun way, Sara is the one for you! 

Jennie Boerema Ride Like a Viking Instructor New Zealand

Jennie Boerema

Trainer and Instructor

North Island - New Zealand

Jennie is situated in New Zealand and has a dream place where horses and people feel welcome and at ease. Her joy of riding and love for horses carries through in everything she does. Problems solve themselves and before you know it you are leading and riding at liberty too!  

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Cristy Pemberton Ride Like a Viking Instructor United States

Cristy Pemberton

Trainer and Instructor

Washington state - USA

Cristy combines liberty retraining of rescues with running a riding school. This is a next level riding school with happy horses and students who not just learn to ride but how to connect with horses and solve problems. Which is very rare. A true gem and inspiration to us all, highly recommended!

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Annegret Feyerabend Ride Like a Viking Trainer Sweden

Annegret Feyerabend


Varmland - Sweden

Annegret does everything from initial taming to more advanced riding, on her own. By managing without assistance she has found a manner to train safely and effectively in a way that strengthens the bond between horse and rider. Now you can learn from her unique gift too!

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Frauke Musial Ride Like a Viking Trainer and Instructor

Frauke Musial

Trainer and Instructor

Troms - Norway

Frauke trains her horses from a wheelchair, she`s also a leading professor in psychology. This has led to huge innovations and new perspectives with horses. If you get the chance to learn from Frauke be prepared for mind blowing knowledge and new ways of solving problems, that work!

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