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Warm welcome to Ride Like a Viking


These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for Ride Like a Viking's websites, content and courses. Ride Like a Viking is founded and copyrighted by Cathrine Fodstad, situated in Norway, who can be reached by sending email to

All exercises taught by Ride Like a Viking in courses, clinics, free training's, videos, posts, articles, blogs or challenges are done at users own risk. We aim to teach horse friendly, safe and effective training methods but are not responsible for users interpretation of the content and actions when doing the exercises.   


When buying our products or courses or signing up for free trainings, ebooks, challenges or competitions by leaving your email, you agree to receive emails from Ride Like a Viking. Contact can be made by email, mail or any other contact form you may provide us with, including your phone number.


If you don't want to receive such material or notices – you can unsubscribe from emails and other forms of communication by being removed from our contact list. This can be done at any time by clicking unsubscribe at the button of emails you receive from us.

If you are a paying member you can unsubscribe to the membership at any time and get technical support on  


Make sure to cancel your subscription no later than 3 days before your next due date so we have time to process your withdrawal. If you send the notice less than 3 days before the due date, the notice may not apply until the following scheduled payment. After cancelling you will have access to the membership platform and weekly live Q&As until current payment period is over.


We have 14-day money back guarantee no questions asked, on our products and purchases. To get your money back request refund within 14 days of purchase.  

Our help desk is open Monday - Friday, please allow 24 hour response time. 


 Contact information provided to Ride Like a Viking will not be sold to, or used by any other companies or persons.         


Ride Like a Viking owns the intellectual property rights for all material on and unless otherwise stated. 


All intellectual property rights are reserved. You may view, print and share pages from and but not download content and use as your own.       

You must not: Sell, rent or sub-license material from or Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from or as well as Ride Like a Viking social media accounts. 


Website visitors are welcome to post and share content and quote from our websites and social media, as long as credits are given.


If you have any queries regarding any of our terms, please take contact. 


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