The more connected you are with your horse the less force and equipment you need to use when riding and handling.



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Mongol Derby Presentation


What people say

Great Clinic

"Cathrine is very skilled and has a great approach that is on the horse’s premises. She helped me realize why my horse does what it does so that we understand each other more easily and get better interaction and cooperation. Highly recommended!"

Lizett Skottestad

A Memory for Life

"Amazing to learn how to connect with horses the Viking way. Farm Stay is also something I highly recommend, the horses are great, the landscape perfect for riding trips and the cabin is authentic. Cathrine and the boys gave me a memory for life." 

Silja Mortensen

Vitamin Injection!

"We are a diverse group of women and each of us took home a personal goal with an action plan. The Mongol Derby presentation was fantastic as well as the event and the frame around it! We will never forget this! Highly recommended!"

Lena Wognild

Learn to connect with your horse! 

Do you want a horse that can be ridden in any gait on loose reins, while being relaxed and forward at the same time? A horse that uses its hind legs to carry weight, is easy to stop, responds to subtle cues and follows you without a lead rope? A few, practical exercises, done in a mindful way, will help you get there! In Ride Like a Viking Members you get access to how to videos and personal guidance along the way. 

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Get FREE training on how to motivate horses and become aware of the no. 1 thing that demotivates them. 

Make your horse eager to work and easy to ride!

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Ride Like a Viking by Cathrine Fodstad

Myrvangen Farm

2500 Tynset, Norway 

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