A few practical exercises, done in a mindful way will enable you to ride and lead your horse at liberty, with hind leg engagement and a functional topline - without depending on treats. In Ride Like a Viking Members you get access to video course library and personal guidance along the way. 

Great Clinic

"Cathrine is very skilled and has a great approach that is in tune with the nature of horses. She helped me realize why my horse does what she does so that we understand each other more easily and get better interaction and cooperation. Highly recommended!"

Lizett Skottestad

The Missing Link

"After taking the Trainers Exam I gave lessons for the first time in years. It started with 1 new client and in a week it has grown to 4! The course gave insights that I needed as missing links in my horse training. This is so easy to do and teach, plus it works wonders. My students and I love it!"  

It works! 

"I have used the methods and in exchange I have got a beautiful and safe horse. This really works!!! I understand my horse`s language better. I highly recommend Ride like a Viking Membership. So glad I have the learning units and live Q&As to help me." 




Teaching horses to stand still and relax has many benefits. When riding it has the benefit of making it possible to ride the horse from behind to forward. 

When handling it`s a great way to make sure we have the horse`s consensus when grooming, saddling or doing other stuff with them. Check out this free training and learn how to ground tie your horse. No sign up required! 

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Ride Like a Viking

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