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After 30 minutes the horse changed!

"I started training a horse for someone else. This horse was a big problem for the owner who had been hurt more than once, the horse would not go away from the stable, and would turn 180° and go home out of the blue. He was pushy and jumped on people when he got scared. After working just 30 min with this horse, knowing what to do from the Ride Like a Viking program this horse was already a different horse! I also started training other riders and helping them with their horses thanks to this program!" 


Katrine Hoff

My horse is super motivated and I have become a master of liberty!

"I was never good at liberty work and have always wanted to learn how to do it. I have 2 horses, one of whom is not motivated for groundwork and not forward in general. Then I found the Ride Like a Viking online training program with the short and highly practical videos, nicely built up in modules.

I followed Cathrine’s liberty training modules step by step and she explained a simple and golden key to motivate horses, following this tip, my horse is getting motivated more and more.

Our scope of exercises is expanding and we have fun! By now I only need to point into a direction and off he goes! And the work transfers to our riding too!"


Elleke van Kraaligen

Great results without spending much time!

"Thanks to this program my old horse is so much softer to ride. I don`t have much time to train him, and before it was not really fun to ride. It seemed the horse had forgotten everything every time I rode. Now he has learned self control and relearned and understood the riding signals, he is forward and soft and nice to ride as never before. And still I don't have much time for training."


Annegret Feyerabend

A peaceful and safe solution

"In my work as an equestrian coach, I have met clients whose horses go into freeze or flight/fight mode. The program has provided a peaceful and safe solution to this. And we can use softer and smaller signals, because just the thoughts already influence change in the horse. This is my life's work and I find this method very pleasant and clear to apply to myself and my students. Thank you!""


Chantal De Young

Solved severe separation anxiety 

"I joined because I have a horse who suffered very much from separation anxiety. Every time his favorite neighbor left, his anxiety quickly escalated into panic. This happened even though the stable was full of other horses. We tried many solutions without success. I was sceptical to an online course, but started with the connection exercises in Ride Like a Viking Members. Now my horse is relaxed and can be alone! I`m so happy!"


Lotte Smidt

Tamed my own horse

"I used the Ride Like a Viking program to tame my own horse from scratch. Now I ride her everywhere bitless or with a halter. I never tamed a horse before and it went so well and so fast!"


Anna Samnøy


If you are a true lover of horses who wishes to establish a working relationship with your equine partner that honors and respects the horse you will be very thankful for the opportunity to join Ride Like a Viking Members. Your horses will be thankful too.  The program has worked great in my riding school and transformed both our horses and students. 


 Gunn Heidi Nilsson


I have a job working with horses and I have watched many horse trainer videos to stay updated on different tools and techniques, but when I found you I struck Gold!  You are a diamond and you are such a beautiful caring soul that is also a great teacher.  Thank you!

Horse Standing at Fence.webp

Kenneth Allen

Provided lots of riding joy

"Cathrine is a great source of inspiration, for me and my daughter, that has provided lots of riding joy. Her form of horsemanship has given a better understanding of the horse's language and the art of riding horses without micromanaging them." 

the art of riding without micromanaging.webp

Cecilie Bjerke

Now she trusts me

"My horse had very tense jaws now she knows how to release the tension by yawning. She trusts me and follows me. What`s exiting it that the exercises are changing me too. Now we do things I never dreamed of doing before. We just do it! I am so grateful for this!"


Hanne Jakobsen

He is relaxed in my presence

"My horse now trusts me a lot and we have a great connection. He is not perfect but we have only just started our journey together and this training is setting him up for success."

Screenshot 2023-02-10 044025.png

Samantha Parrish

 A very supportive group

"I received many good suggestions and encouragement from the Ride Like a Viking Facebook group of how to get him to let me handle his feet without a huge battle, and it was very appreciated.  This is a very supportive group!"


Dawn Riley

Become a natural leader

I am doing connection exercise with my icelandic horse and it has made a huge difference in our relationship. We now comunicate better on the groun and in the saddle😊"


Ana Doganoc

It has raised our togetherness

"Before i knew ride like a viking i had a completely different idea of ​​how to train and praise horses. I wanted to work with positive reinforcement and praised my horse with petting, scratching and my voice, but I didn't pay attention to my body language. my horse was everywhere with his thoughts but not with me 😂Now I can announce: Working with my horse is so much easier, calmer now. I enjoy this silent communication, it has raised our togetherness already to a very comfortable level."


Andrea van Beethoven

Fantastic community

"I  can recommend  Ride like a Viking warmly.  Cathrine has given me a complete new perspective.  I am glad I am a member of this fantastic community. 🐎😍"


Greta Martens

A confidence boost

"The grazing exercise was a great place to start as it worked almost immediately. Now I am following some of the connection exercises, the videos are very clear and easy to follow and I have been amazed at the results, I didn’t think I would be able to do any of this but as soon as I get my body language right my horses respond. It’s so exciting and has given me such a confidence boost. I have realised just how important my own body language is even in just the day to day jobs with horses. This course is so helpful, Cathrine has such a kind and positive attitude."


Liz Sobey

Another level!

"As a para-rider this training offered a new perspective and approach. The Ride like a Viking philosophy is all about creating a deep bond of trust between human and horse. For me, this bond is the essence of my relationship to my horses, and also what keeps me safe as a rider. Applying these principles has taken the bond between me and my horses to another level"

318446159_8433826826689952_4109059063546772888_n (1).webp

Frauke Musial

A great tool to have in your horsemanship toolbox 

"I have been using the Ride Like a Viking Method, first with my older horse, and more recently with a very green and sensitive mare. She was quite anxious and wary of me when she arrived, her worry cup was filled to the brim! By going through the basic exercises, she has turned into a confident horse with a lovely working attitude. I`m so excited to be riding her now and I am feeling very safe around her, and vice versa! These methods gave me the confidence to work with this mare , which I otherwise would have put in the 'too hard' basket. The Ride like a Viking way is a great tool to have in your horsemanship toolbox, no matter what discipline you practise. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has horses in their life."


Sofia Hansrod

On the verge of giving up this did the trick!

"I got a horse who would shut down from the least bit of pressure and would bite when touched. Having tried several methods that didn't do the trick, I was beginning to doubt that I could turn things around. By doing the exercises in Ride Like a Viking we have built a strong bond and succeeded with our first trail ride together, something I never thought possible with this horse." 


Helle Ramsgaard

5 new clients in 1 week

"After taking the Trainers Exam I gave lessons for the first time in years. It started with 1 new client and in a week it has grown to 5! The course gave insights that I needed as missing links in my horse training. This is so easy to do and teach, plus it works wonders. My students and I who practice Academic Art of Riding, loves it!"  

linda hofman_edited.webp

Linda Hofman


Now I can ride and train my horse at liberty, without treats. I am the treat and we have a great time together! Thank you so much for your guidance along the way. 

205977870_2683149491977940_8290220923895746019_n (1).webp

 Jenny Aaby Jacobsen


Here there is so much to learn about horses and working with horses, I really recommend joining this group. I have learned so much! Cathrine is incredibly good at teaching and explain it in such a great way!

Anne Furustad.webp

Anne Furustad


I have to say that this work has great value in itself for me. It’s so fun and rewarding! It must be because I feel that this is the right way to learn more about, and to communicate with, horses. Thank you so much Cathrine!


Cristy Pemberton

It works!

"As Ride Like a Viking Member it has been so exciting to watch the tutorial videos and I have learned new and refreshed things. Cathrine is a very committed and inspirational teacher. Her messages go through so clearly and works." 




"After doing ground work with halter and lead rope, we had our first session at liberty. It was a success! He followed me around before we even got started and he recognized all my signals from working with halter and lead rope. And he is not hard to catch anymore! "


Kathinka Lande

 Through liberty and connection

"Using the liberty and connection training techniques from the free training I have been able to get to a point where the mare trusts only me now."

vu8qTCCCSKujgx8v8v4E_file (1).jfif

Tanya Rentz

I used her tips in everyday routine

" I follow on the program with my other horses and I think I found my real style of horsemanship with Ride Like a Viking 💜🦄"

Screenshot 2023-02-10 044936.png

Agi Szoboszlay

Great connection

"My connection with my horses has improved so much since beginning the exercises recommended by Ride Like A Viking. I was amazed at how they relaxed when around me with the "Be the Guard" exercise, which was the first one that I did. They don't get alarmed right away when I enter their space, wondering what I  am going to do.  Great connection! And that is just the beginning..."


Loretta Odden

A new start

"We have a nice horse self-controlled, which makes great progress, he is ready to do more and it's fun to work with. 
It's opening a lot of opportunities for us with horses we got, which were labelled "behaviour issues/ difficult". The RLAV program give them and us a new start. "


Aurore Aurora

Completely changed my perspective

"Ride Like a Viking has completely changed my perspective on horse training and improved my relationships with my horses. My horses are responding to this training so well and are so much happier! I am also learning so many new things as well and it is improving my confidence and abilities. I am so thankful I follow and learn from Ride Like a Viking!"


Samantha Parrish

Liberty through connection

"I would very very much recommend Ride Like A Viking to anyone who is seeking connection with their horses. I have never been disappointed in the sessions I experience with my horses thanks to the knowledge i have gained from talking with Cathrine and fellow members. Everyone comes together and offers nothing short from being a problem solving resolution. You want to learn liberty? Here you go!"


Laura Fries

A wonderful community

"I have thoroughly enjoyed watching each video, every story, comment as the year has progressed and cannot wait for next year and it's challenges. I am truly grateful for this group and how much confidence it has built within myself and driven me forward in horse training and riding instructor training.

Thank you for building such a wonderful community! keep going forward!"


Angie Lawrance

My anxious mare has learned to calm herself down

"By watching the videos and getting my questions answered in the weekly Q&As I could improve my own body language, leading to better groundwork. My horses move much softer with more hindleg engagement. Lunging or saddling at liberty have become easy and fun and my horses love to go to the arena now. And the best thing is, my formerly anxious mare has learned to calm herself down, reducing stress not only during work but in general."


Elena Pein

Mindblowing results!

"Simple, effective, easy to follow and mind blowing results from very little doing. I love it! You get questions answered and progress with your horse making connection the principal goal without spending months doing the same thing over and over. The simple exercise of standing with my horse until he focused and relaxed, helped me a lot with Hàkon. Two days later I was able to trailer load him!"


Dominique Fletcher

Learned more than in 30 years of horse experience

"I truly recommend this to improve the relationship with horses and communicate better with horses!! I`m learning so much, more than in my thirty years horse experience before!!! Wish I knew this when I started riding. Knowing how horses think and how to be one of the herd instead of the boss and controller of horses. To be in contact with horses in this way gives so much joy!"

3b2128_53189368a8614350905901002cbfde97_mv2 (1).webp

Jetty Martens


This is the path I want to follow. My heart and my horses says so too. Thank you so very much!


 Gunn Heidi Nilsson


If you are a true lover of horses who wishes to establish a working relationship with your equine partner that honors and respects the horse you will be very thankful for the opportunity to join Ride Like a Viking Members. Your horses will be thankful too. The program has worked great in my riding school and transformed both our horses and students. 


Cristy Pemberton


I started with halter and lead and it only took a few go's before our horses did beautifully at liberty. My daughter has also learned how to do this. I have my own little business called HestaViska and have found this method very easy for kids and adults to understand. I love creating a moment of calm and connection for those I teach. I really value the simplicity and the lack of all these 'tricks'  that are often used. 


Renska Younger Bunte

Now I have a safe horse

"I have used the methods and in exchange I have got a beautiful and safe horse. This really works!!! I understand my horse`s language better. So glad I have the learning units and live Q&As there to help me." 


Elin Westbye


"I can now ride safely and although I need a wheelchair for walking I solve problems with horses in a way that inspires other horse owners to come to me for advice with their horses."

5pYl1vCcQEW4wf7tGiWr_248447829_377938487399573_2268574595009202638_n_1_edit (1) (1).webp

Frauke Musial

Now he is relaxed and happy

"Ride Like a Viking has taught me to observe first and then listen to my pony before taking any action. I have had a stressed pony for years and now he is relaxed and happy.  Thank you Cathrine for such easy to follow advice. 😊😊."


Wendy Ingram

Become a natural leader

"I have lots of results with my horses, such as liberty training with my body language and the special tip how to lead the horse to become a natural leader which the horse trusts.
There are so many things I can fix now by using this method and my horses enjoy me being focused. Building a real connection to my horses is what I ever was searching for, here I got the tools for it."

Screenshot 2023-02-10 045156.png

Linda Procker


"The RLAV program was truly a lifesaver for me and my gelding Max. I took a chance, and boy how far we've come! I started with the connection exercise, and after a few sessions I could pick up his feet in liberty! Unbelievable! "


Kim Deliege

Such a wonderful community!

"I am truly grateful for this group/page and how much confidence it has built within myself and driven me forward in horse training and riding instructor training. 
thank you for building such a wonderful community! keep going forward!"


Angie Lawrance

RLV is for me fantastic

"RLV is for me fantastic ! I learn so much of connection with my horses on a way that’s clear for them and really with so little pressure as is possible .  I am so happy to learn from Cathrine , mutch videos and all the help you need."


Tessa Broeders

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