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Do you want to go from 0% to 65% chance of reaching your goal by just attending a seminar? Without doing any actual work, training or preparation? Cathrine gives insight into SMART goal setting and research-based methods that will increase your chances of reaching your goals. 


The same method she used when becoming first Norwegian to complet the Mongol Derby — the world's longest and toughest horse race ranging 1 000 km on semi-wild horses through Mongolia's wilderness. Mongolian nomadic families provide horses and shelter; the rest you must carry yourself, as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 5 kg.


Cathrine offers a presentation packed with film, photos, and intriguing stories from the Mongolian steppe. Included reasherch bases knowledge and guidelines that you can easily implement to increase your chance of reaching your goal.  


"Fantastic presentation, as well as the event and the frame around it! We will never forget this! Highly recommended!" Lena Wognild CEO and founder of Bakklandet Interiør


"Impressed, touched, and fascinated. It does not get tougher than this!" Anita Høidalen, business owner and manager of Hanto Gård. 


"The number 1 inspirational presentation that I have attended!" Susan Bree, CEO Helix Solutions


"Thank you so much for an inspiring presentation! The journey home was a conversation about how to set your own goals and how to reach them." Solbjørg Sunde founder and CEO, Tyrili Foundation


"I have experienced Cathrine’s wonderful show. This is something you absolutely should not miss! You will sit at the tip of your chair and get sand in your eyes if you are in the front row!" Gert Heiberg, business owner


"We are a diverse group of women and each of us took home a personal goal with an action plan. The Mongol Derby presentation was fantastic as well as the event and the frame around it. We will never forget this! Highly recommended!" Lena Wognild 

Mongol Derby Presentation

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