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Trailer loading made easy

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

When being in a hurry to reach a competition or clinic, it can be frustrating when our horse doesn't want to load. A scenario that often ends with several people trying to force the horse into the trailer. This might get said horse inside the trailer, but not in a good way as the pressure will happen on the way into the trailer. Which makes the horse associate the trailer with pressure and trailer loading becoming something the horse is even more reluctant to do. A better way is to release the horse into the trailer, which will make the horse associate the trailer with release and therefore become motivated to go into the trailer.

Watch video below showing trailer loading with a horse that hasn`t been trailer loaded before and how you can release your horse into a trailer, making trailer loading easy, with any horse.

Thank you so much for watching! If you know someone who needs this or wants to make this world a more understanding place for horses, please share! It would mean a lot to us if you did👉

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