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Mount like a pro with a horse that stands still from self

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Watch how Olav fixes his horse that doesn`t want to stand still by the mounting block, by making his idea his horse`s idea.

Horses always seek the release of pressure. If we can release them to stand by the mounting block rather than pressure them to stand by it, they will soon learn to stand by the mounting block by their own choice.

This is because we give the horse a choice by not preventing them from doing the wrong thing, but rather make the horses`s idea more work than our idea. When our horse wants to do the same as we want to do, riding and handling becomes easy, even without ropes or treats.

Choices can be used to solve anything! It even cures horses who snatch for grass when ridden or led.

If you are anything like me you don`t enjoy it when a horse pulls on the rein or lead to eat grass often followed by it being quite hard to get their head out of the grass again. Which again teaches horses to go against the rein, ignore forward cues, be on the front part and a bunch of other unwanted stuff.

Which pretty much describes our old children`s horse before we retrained him to become soft, responsive, supple and forward. Teaching him not to graze when ridden and led by using choices, not control, was a big part of his transformation.

This is what our latest FREE training is about. If you want to learn how we transformed a grazing maniac childrens horse to be able to ride and lead on loose reins through the grass, without snatching for it, check out👉

Hope to see you there!

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