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Do you want a horse with a functional top line and hind leg engagement?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

LESS IS MORE! Your horse can have hind leg engagement and a functional top line from self and only small adjustments are needed to get there.

First and foremost - Just curling a horse`s neck is not going to make the top line functional and the horse engage the hind legs. Du to the mere fact that horses collect from behind to forwards not from forward to behind.

Secondly: Hind leg engagement can come from the horse himself, not outside gadgets. We can put on as many side reins we want, if the neck is elevated and curled as a result of pressure and not hind leg engagement, the horse is going to move in a dysfunctional way and is very likely to end up with injuries or behavioral issues from the training.

Actually we don`t even need side reins to produce a horse with a defect top line and no hind leg engagement, our placement and energy when lunging is enough to make horses disassociate mentally and therefore move in a dysfunctional way. Just as our placement and energy can make the horse engage mentally and move in a functional way. Yes horses are really that sensitive - and it`s both a blessing and a curse!

If you want to go from that 👉

To this 👉

I can help!

My name is Cathrine Fodstad, after 35 years of riding and training horses, I discovered a method that consistently allowed me to connect with horses, and easily train and ride them at liberty. After coaching hundreds of horse owners I have also discovered that this path not only benefits the bond between horse and rider, it also leads to functional and well behaved equines - that are easy to collect🐴

For a limited time we offer 14-day FREE trial to Ride Like a Viking Members where you get access to videos showing how and weekly live Q&As with personal guidance along the way. This means that you can learn this without any cost right now, but it also means that if you check this link later, the offer might be gone. Learn more on👉

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