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Solving separation anxiety - how to help a horse relax

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

This mare came here on summer pasture with severe separation anxiety. She had hurt herself badly trying to break out of a stable and was unable to be by herself. A great opportunity to test if my training program fixes this!

After 3 sessions I could leave her alone in a stall that`s by no means hard to jump out of, and when coming back a couple hours later she was still relaxing there.

Watch video below of session 4 where I talk to the owners and learn how you can do this yourself. By doing a few simple exercises you`ll be able to connect with horses and help them focus and relax - without depending on treats and with nothing more than a halter and lead rope as your training aid.

Thank you so much for watching!

When horses are able to focus on us, respond to our body language and relax on their own feet - we become the herd when away from the herd and our horse`s trusted leader and friend. But that`s not all! The connection and clarity horses experience with us help them on their spare time too.

Horses who break through fences stop doing it (see earlier video on mare who ran people down). Hollow backed horses start building back muscle, spooky horses become braver and herd bound horses feel confident on their own.

If you want to build a special bond with your horse and learn liberty training without depending on treats - I now offer 14-day FREE trial to Ride Like a Viking Members, where you get access to video series and personal guidance along the way👉

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