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Competing against grass is not easy when with equines. Snatching for grass teaches horses to go against the rein and sometimes even stop and refuse to go further - while getting a huge reward in the form of a luscious mouthful of food for doing so. 


There`s however an easy fix, not many equestrians are aware of,

that will👉


  • Enable you and your horse to stroll through grass on a loose lead

  • Make it easy to ride over fields on loose reins or at liberty

  • Work when kids are riding

  • Make grazing reins an unnecessary thing of the past


Master how with this training showing how we teach a grazing maniac children's horse not to graze when ridden and led.

Have you seen this man_edited.jpg

Ride Like a Viking offers clinics and courses with emphasis on the horse-human connection and is founded by Cathrine Fodstad - First Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby (world`s longest and toughest horse race). She has tamed hundreds of horses and is trainer from Holar University and riding instructor from Norwegian Equine Center. 

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