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Have tried every-thing and is on the verge of giving up

Get the training techniques that work also with traumatized or complicated horses.  

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Would like to have a horse who is safe to ride but not boring

Learn how to install self control, forward from self and feel, with any horse!  


Wants to make a living or side income with horses

Experience the demand by knowing how to solve problems in an easy, safe and uncomplicated way not many are aware of.


Is your horse at times unfocused, lazy or anxious and you feel the need to use force to get your horse "in place" - while what you really want is a partnership where your horse follows at liberty and can be ridden with light signals? 

Is your horse at times difficult to stop or hard in the mouth? But buying sharper bits and keeping a firm grip on the reins has not worked as planned?

A few exercises done in a mindful way, will solve these problems - while building a magic bond with your equine partner, enabling you to train and ride at liberty, without depending on treats. 

You are the best trainer for your horse

When given the chance, horses can control themselves and form strong bonds with their owners. They are also capable of using their bodies in a functional way, with hind-leg engagement and a functional top line, without being micromanaged. 

This is because the mind of the horse affects how they use their body. When their minds are happy and relaxed, their bodies take a functional shape with natural self-carriage and hind leg engagement, from self.

Knowing a few simple exercises that strengthens your bond with your equine partner and allows your horse to be comfortable, makes riding a whole lot easier for you and much healthier for the horse. 


Experience the joy of riding a self- controlling and connected horse, that is easy to collect!

Riding on loose reins or at liberty doesn`t mean your horse is on the front part. On the contrary!

Horses collect from behind to forward. Reaching your horse`s hind legs while not needing reins up front for control facilitates hind leg engagement and a functional top line. 

As a result of the hind being engaged your horse will rise in the withers, lift the back and curve the neck. This is also called collection, although we don`t like to talk about that cause the mare word encourages riders to pick up the reins and curl their horse`s neck, and therefore ride the horse from front to back. Which is the opposite of collection and a huge and very common mistake.

We avoid all of that by training our horses and ourselves to ride without depending on the reins, which, when the time comes makes collection a lot easier! 

Learn how in the comfort of your home and facilities

In Ride Like a Viking Members you get access to step by step videos and weekly Q&As showing you how to train your horse to become easy to ride and handle at liberty without depending on treats.

Your instructor Cathrine Fodstad is certified horse trainer from Holar University College and instructor from Norwegian Equine Center, she has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race.


In Mongolia she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, and train them at liberty. - Now you can do the same!

Liberty training may look complicated but its not, anyone can do this with any horse! In fact the more problems you may experience with your horse the bigger results and change you will notice. 

If you aren`t experiencing any problems with your horse and want more joy, more self carriage and more responsiveness to signals you`ll be amazed by the difference too!

Mindblowing results! 

"Simple, effective, easy to follow and mind blowing results from very little doing. I love it! You get questions answered and progress with your horse making connection the principal goal without spending months doing the same thing over and over. The simple exercise of standing with my horse until he focused and relaxed, helped me a lot with Hàkon. Two days later I was able to trailer load him!"

Dominique Fletcher

Solved severe anxiety

"I joined because I have a horse who suffered very much from separation anxiety. Every time his favorite neighbor left, his anxiety quickly escalated into panic. This happened even though the stable was full of other horses. We tried many solutions without success. I was sceptical to an online course, but started with the connection exercises in Ride Like a Viking Members. Now my horse is relaxed and can be alone! I`m so happy!"

Lotte Smidt

Now she trusts me!

"My horse had very tense jaws but now she knows how to release the tension by yawning. She trusts me and follows me. What`s exiting it that the exercises are changing me too. Now we do things I never dreamed of doing before. We just do it! Both my horse and I are much more confident. I am so grateful for this, thank you so much Cathrine."

Hanne Jakobsen



1. UntitledCathrine.d.JPG

The greatest reward we can give our horse! As herd and flight animals horses value present company over food. When you learn this you become the treat which is what makes liberty training without treats possible. 

Body Language


Horses communicate with each other through body language, that`s what we should to too. Communicate clearly and mindfully with your body and become your horses`s trusted friend and beloved leader. 

Liberty Training

275521479_1922850867886357_6217706339484181641_n (1).jpg

By giving choices in a strategic way we make our idea the horse`s idea without needing to win or start battles. It`s also a path to liberty with any horse, even the ones others have given up on. 



Connect with your horse

By practicing the exercise in this unit, you will become the herd when away from the herd and the treat when training you horse so that you can do liberty without depending on pressure or treats.  


Natural leadership when leading

By tapping into natural horse behaviour and doing a few simple adjustments you become the one your horse trusts and wants to follow, even in unfamiliar places or situations.  


Communicate with body language

Learn to use body language when communicating with your horse so that you can move all parts of your horse off your body language from a distance. Your friends will think it`s magic and your horse will love that you don`t need the whip anymore! 


Train and lead at liberty 

By communicating with horses at liberty through body language, you will also be able to lead horses without using lead rope. Horses will follow from self without pressure or bribes. 


Braver and less spooky

Make your horse braver and less spooky to potentially scary objects and situations, without hurting yourself or the horse in the process.

This unit also includes videos on saddling at liberty and saddle fitting, - a great way to ensure your horse is comfortable when being saddled. 


Ride with light signals

Experience riding with feel in the reins, which makes your horse respond with softness to your rein and easy to stop, in any situation!    

You will also attach your leg aid to the hind-legs of the horse and ride from behind to forward without it being complicated at all!


Ride without bridle

Once you’ve completed the previous units you have developed a new connection with your horse. With this in place, you will be surprised how easy it is to ride without reins!​ This unit teaches you the important last pieces of the puzzle, that makes liberty riding safe and easy.


Solve problems by having fun

This unit is all about doing fun stuff with horses! From taking them along as hand horse to ballplay, which motivates lazy horses and makes nervous horses braver.  


Foal handling and herd management

Follow along as we tend to our herd of horses. Learn hoof trimming and deworming. How to halter train foals and young horses as well as herd management. Get access to articles and research on common horse health issues and how to avoid them. 

Tamed my own horse

"I used the Ride Like a Viking program to tame my own horse from scratch. Now I ride her everywhere bitless or with a halter. I never tamed a horse before and it went so well and so fast!"

Anna Sanmøy

This really works

"I have used the methods and in exchange I have got a beautiful and safe horse. This really works!!! I understand my horse`s language better. So glad I have the learning units and live Q&As there to help me." 

Elin Westbye

205977870_2683149491977940_8290220923895746019_n (1).jpg
Now I am the treat!

"Now I am the treat and can ride and train my horse at liberty without treats. We have a great time together! Thank you so much for offering this!"  

Jenny Jakobsen



Weekly live interactive meetings on Zoom are included in the price. Where we find solutions and share suggestions, so that you never feel stuck! If you can`t make it recordings are available for replay. I`d hate it if you needed to wait a whole month to get help. 


Get individual input about your situation with your special  horse! Receive advice and suggestions by simply making a video or describing the problem. 


Be part of a members only supportive and cheering community where you can share progress and suggestions with others. You avoid the time consuming spam, drama and confusing stuff that flourish  in public groups. 

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With 14-day unconditional money back guarantee you can safely try Ride Like a Viking for 2 weeks risk free. If you find it`s not for you or any other reason or circumstance that might happen, you will get your money back, no questions asked!

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Stay safe when training dangerous horses

This technique and brilliant set up might save your life! Especially if you have a horse who has become dangerously pushy, you train horses for others or take on rescues. 


Trailer loading made easy

By using the groundwork taught in this bonus you will be able to trailer load horses with ease. You will also know how to solve claustrophobia or stress that some horses might associate with the trailer. 


Motivate a lazy horse

Make a dull horse eager to work and easy to ride - and not pull the reins out of the riders hands to eat grass, even when ridden by kids. It also shows how to ride off with a barn sour horse that is reluctant to go on trails, by making your idea the horses idea!


Long reining

Learn the art of long reining without manipulating the neck and risk getting a horse with a curled neck and no hind leg engagement. You will know what equipment to use and how to do turns that promotes hind leg engagement, self carriage and softness.

After 30 minutes the horse changed!

"I started training a horse for someone else. This horse was a big problem for the owner who had been hurt more than once, the horse would not go away from the stable, and would turn 180° and go home out of the blue. He was pushy and jumped on people when he got scared. After working just 30 min with this horse, knowing what to do from the Ride Like a Viking program this horse was already a different horse! I also started training other riders and helping them with their horses thanks to this program!" 

Katrine Hoff

A confidence boost

"The grazing exercise was a great place to start as it worked almost immediately. Now I am following some of the connection exercises, the videos are very clear and easy to follow and I have been amazed at the results, I didn’t think I would be able to do any of this but as soon as I get my body language right my horses respond. It’s so exciting and has given me such a confidence boost. I have realised just how important my own body language is even in just the day to day jobs with horses. This course is so helpful, Cathrine has such a kind and positive attitude."


Liz Sobey

linda hofman_edited.jpg
5 new clients in 1 week

"After taking the Trainers Exam I gave lessons for the first time in years. It started with 1 new client and in a week it has grown to 5! The course gave insights that I needed as missing links in my horse training. This is so easy to do and teach, plus it works wonders. My students and I who practice Academic Art of Riding, loves it!"  

Linda Hofman

A peaceful and safe solution

"In my work as an equestrian coach, I have met clients whose horses go into freeze or flight/fight mode. The program has provided a peaceful and safe solution to this. And we can use softer and smaller signals, because just the thoughts already influence change in the horse. This is my life's work and I find this method very pleasant and clear to apply to myself and my students. Thank you!"

Chantal De Young

Learned more than in 30 years of horse experience

"I truly recommend this to improve the relationship with horses and communicate better with horses!! I`m learning so much, more than in my thirty years horse experience before!!! Wish I knew this when I started riding. Knowing how horses think and how to be one of the herd instead of the boss and controller of horses. To be in contact with horses in this way gives so much joy!"

Jetty Martens

  • Do I have to own a horse to do the program?
    You don`t have to own a horse to join, but this program works best if the horse you attend with isn`t ridden or trained by many different people. If you take lessons once per week and the horse is ridden by others the rest of the week, this program is probably not going to work very well. If you lease a horse or have part time access to a horse, the program works well.
  • Do I need a round pen or enclosure to get results?
    You don't have to have a round pen or enclosure to get results, all exercises are shown both with tack and without and you can do them with or without an enclosure. All you need is a long lead rope or rope that is 12 feet or longer.
  • What equipment is necessary?
    You don't need to buy any fancy gear to do the exercises, but I do recommended investing in a 12 feet lead rope or find a rope that length you can use, if you don't already have it.
  • How do I access everything?
    When signing up you will get instant access to the members only web platform with growing video library and weekly live interactive Q&As, where you can get personal guidance along the way. You will have access both on your computer or laptop as well as your mobile phone and tablet thought the app, making it possible to bring the video library with you to the stable or places without wifi. You will also get the opportunity to join our private Ride Like a Members Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share progress and connect with others.
  • How much time does it take to do the exercises?
    Most training session in this program are from 10 to 20 minutes. It doesn`t take much time to make a huge difference. You will also be able to incorporate the method into stuff you already do with your horse like leading, groundwork and riding. Doing what you already do a little differently will build a deep connection with your horse, make it easy to ride at liberty as well as maintain a functional way of moving and riding signals that work.
  • I do a certain discipline with a certain breed - can the Ride Like a Viking program be combined with it?
    Yes! Connection and choice based training can be combined with any discipline or horse breed, it also works with mules and donkeys.
  • Can I do the program bitless?
    Yes you can do the Ride Like a Viking program without bit, many members prefer to ride bitless and this program works very well for bitless riding. The rein signals you`ll learn how to do off feel which makes horses super light and work regardless of tack. It can be done with a halter, bitless bridle, bitted bridle or my favorite the halter bit solution, which distributes rein pressure to the bit and the nose of the horse without the disadvantages of a constricting noseband but with the advantage of everything being kept in place and the bit not sliding through the horse's mouth.
  • If I get technical difficulties, do you have a helpdesk?
    Yes we have a dedicated helpdesk that is open weekdays from 9-5 to help you with any tech difficulties you might experience.
  • How do I unsubscribe?
    You can unsubscribe at any time yourself when logged into the portal on If you are locked out of your account you can reset your password 24/7 on In addition we have support on
  • If the price changes does it change what I pay?
    The price you get now is the price you pay regardless of changes made to the price in the future. Let`s say you sign up now and get access for 24.50 per month and the price goes up to 27.50. You still pay 24.50 and keep your bonuses regardless of the price change as long as you stay a member. The same goes for yearly access, Certifications and Trainers Forum.
  • Why is it only possible to join 3 times per year?
    To ensure that each member gets personal feedback and the assistance needed along the way Ride Like a Viking Members is only open for a short period of time 3 times a year. If the program isn`t open, you can sign up for the wait list and be first to know when we open again on
  • Does donating to SOS Children`s villages cost any extra?
    We make sure to donate on your behalf without any extra costs or tasks. We donate one full year of living costs, clothes, home and education for 1 child per 100 members. Now Ride Like a Viking provides 5 homeless children per year with a loving home and a brighter future! We also donate to the Mustang Heritage Foundation in the form of a support membership and contribute to Cool Earths saving of rainforest when travelling by plane. Non of which costs you any extra!
  • Do I need good WiFi?
    With our new app the course community is available on mobile and tablet in addition to computer. You don`t need good WiFi as long as you have cellphone coverage.
  • Are Trainer and Instructor certification part of the membership?
    To become a certified Ride Like a Viking Trainer or Instructor there is an additional program called Trainers Forum, that is not part of the horse training library. When certified you will be visible and recommended as the go to trainer in our area or niche and you will also be invited to host a live Q&A and get paid for doing so. Plus your exam videos will be featured as part of the course and I personally share occasional posts from you on social media. In addition we meet monthly and you get everything you need to succeed with building a horse business. Trainers Forum has its own video library guiding you towards succeeding with your horse business and as a horse trainer and instructor. Ride Like a Viking Members has a video library and weekly support to ensure your success with training your horses. When a member you will get the possibility to join Trainers Forum and become certified.
Liberty through connection

"I would very very much recommend Ride Like A Viking to anyone who is seeking connection with their horses. I have never been disappointed in the sessions I experience with my horses thanks to the knowledge i have gained from talking with Cathrine and fellow members. Everyone comes together and offers nothing short from being a problem solving resolution. You want to learn liberty? Here you go!"

Laura Fries

My anxious mare has learned to calm herself down

"By watching the videos and getting my questions answered in the weekly Q&As I could improve my own body language, leading to better groundwork. My horses move much softer with more hindleg engagement. Lunging or saddling at liberty have become easy and fun and my horses love to go to the arena now. And the best thing is, my formerly anxious mare has learned to calm herself down, reducing stress not only during work but in general."

Elena Pein

On the verge of giving up this did the trick!

"I got a horse who would shut down from the least bit of pressure and would bite when touched. Having tried several methods that didn't do the trick, I was beginning to doubt that I could turn things around. By doing the exercises in Ride Like a Viking we have built a strong bond and succeeded with our first trail ride together, something I never thought possible with this horse." 

Helle Ramsgaard

A wonderful community

"I have thoroughly enjoyed watching each video, every story, comment as the year has progressed and cannot wait for next year and it's challenges. I am truly grateful for this group and how much confidence it has built within myself and driven me forward in horse training and riding instructor training.

Thank you for building such a wonderful community! keep going forward!"

Angie Lawrance

318446159_8433826826689952_4109059063546772888_n (1).jpg
Another level!

"As a para-rider this training offered a new perspective and approach. The Ride like a Viking philosophy is all about creating a deep bond of trust between human and horse. For me, this bond is the essence of my relationship to my horses, and also what keeps me safe as a rider. Applying these principles has taken the bond between me and my horses to another level"

Frauke Musial

Great results without spending much time!

"Thanks to this program my old horse is so much softer to ride. I don`t have much time to train him, and before it was not really fun to ride. It seemed the horse had forgotten everything every time I rode. Now he has learned self control and relearned and understood the riding signals, he is forward and soft and nice to ride as never before. And still I don't have much time for training."

Annegret Feyerabend

My horse is super motivated and I have become a master of liberty!

"I was never good at liberty work and have always wanted to learn how to do it. I have 2 horses, one of whom is not motivated for groundwork and not forward in general. Then I found the Ride Like a Viking online training program with the short and highly practical videos, nicely built up in modules. I followed Cathrine’s liberty training modules step by step and she explained a simple and golden key to motivate horses, following this tip, my horse is getting motivated more and more. Our scope of exercises is expanding and we have fun! By now I only need to point into a direction and off he goes! And the work transfers to our riding too!"

Elleke van Kraaligen

A great tool to have in your horsemanship toolbox 

"I have been using the Ride Like a Viking Method, first with my older horse, and more recently with a very green and sensitive mare. She was quite anxious and wary of me when she arrived, her worry cup was filled to the brim! By going through the basic exercises, she has turned into a confident horse with a lovely working attitude. I`m so excited to be riding her now and I am feeling very safe around her, and vice versa! These methods gave me the confidence to work with this mare , which I otherwise would have put in the 'too hard' basket. The Ride like a Viking way is a great tool to have in your horsemanship toolbox, no matter what discipline you practise. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has horses in their life."


Sofia Hansrod

Get the partnership and results with horses you always dreamed of, for half the cost of a riding lesson per month. 

Solve problems by doing simple exercises and save money by training your horse yourself, while the knowledge and experience you acquire from the process is yours forever!

By knowing simple and kind horse training techniques, not many others are aware of, your experience and knowledge is in demand. Making it possible to build a side income or business  teaching others or take horses in training. 

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