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Bring your own horse to the farm, or borrow one of ours, where Cathrine helps you personally. At Myrvangen we have facilities such as round pen, indoor arena, outdoor arena, stable and riding paths for you and your horse to enjoy. You will learn the basics of liberty handling and riding, as well as how to solve eventual problems you are experiencing with your horse. For 150 US Dollar per night you get a cabin for yourself, pasture for your horse and personal coaching. Meals are not included. Available in summer and autumn. 


It is amazing to be around and riding Cathrine´s horses. They seem so at ease with everything and show great interest in comunicating. I´ve had the luxury of going riding on one of her fantastic horses and my eight year old daughter on another. There is nothing better than the feeling of riding on a horse that seems to enjoy its "job" and you feel you can trust it completely. The one I was riding was so responsive to my every command without being to sensitive, I could just fully enjoy my riding and guide my daughter who was trotting by her self for the first time.  -Arna Björg Árnadóttir


Amazing to learn how to connect with horses the Viking way. Farm Stay is something I highly recommend, the horses are great, the landscape perfect for riding trips and the cabin is authentic. Cathrine and the boys gave me a memory for life. - Silja Mortensen


I had a Great stay and gained New knowledge about my horses and myself. A Great woman who sees what both horse and human needs. I have alot of inspiration to continue working with my horses! -Gina Karoline


Our horses, dog and we really enjoyed our one week stay ❤ Thank you Cathrine for many useful and good lessons. I think you really helped us understanding our horse better, and also the way our behavior can lead us in better cooperation. I can fully recommand all horseowner to do a farmstay at Ride Like a Viking. Great teachings about horses and excellent coffee. An unforgettabel week on a beautyful place! - Wenche Bjertnes


This product is for Ride Like a Viking Members Only due to high demand and because a basic understanding of connection and choice based horse training will make the most out of your stay.


Become a member (or join our waiting list) and get access to course platform and weekly live Q&As here:


Farm Stay

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