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How to relax a rushy hand horse when ponying

The key for success with ponying is to teach the horse in hand to find and follow the slack. But what do you do when the hand horse ignores the rein, leans on the head collar and rushes ahead? The video below gives tips on how you can make ponying a dream by helping your hand horse find relaxation and a better position.

But first a little pre-ponying check list!

  • Make sure your horse understands and responds to the cues you are going to use when ponying and that your horse is not afraid of the whip

  • Practice ponying in a paddock or other area suited for riding turns, before going on a trail

  • Outward turns will position a rushy hand horse further behind

  • Inward turns will position a lazy hand horse further ahead

  • Work on one thing at the time: If a rushy horse, drags a bit behind, don`t mind. If a lazy hand horse becomes a bit rushy, don`t mind. They are only doing what they are told, be grateful for the progress!

Watch video below and get tips on what to do when ponying a horse that rushes ahead:

Thank you so much for watching! If you want more horse training tips make sure to get our FREE training here:

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Laura Fries
Laura Fries
14 de mar. de 2021

I love this new setup!

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