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How to put on a rope halter

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I’ve had some questions about the lead rope and halter I use. Where it’s from and how to put it on. The halters and leads I use are from Silver Tip with a 12 feet lead (3,6 meters). The halter fits my Icelandic horses perfectly and they fit small to medium size horses too.

The halter is very clear in terms of pressure and release, as there are no wiggling parts. Furthermore the lead rope is long enough to do groundwork and lead a horse properly. This is something horses appreciate, because when we have our horse to close, our signals to the horse will be pressure and not body language. For body language to work the horse has to be able to actually see us, which is not possible when we are positioned in their blind zone because of a short lead rope.

Since I started using the halters and leads from Silver Tip I have had 2 complete sets for several years, and not lost a single one of them. In this sense I have actually saved money and the environment, by making buying a halter an investment rather than an act of consumption.

When you have got your halter and lead you might wonder how to tie it on and why it does not have a metal clip. This video will give the answers.

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