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How simple exercises solve deep-rooted problems

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Every month we add new training videos to the growing video library in Ride Like a Viking Members. October was no different. What struck me when going through last months videos was how very simple exercises solve big and long lasting problems.

There`s only a couple things your horse needs to know and when your horse knows this it can be used to solve anything from not standing still while mounted to a bucking, bolting or rearing problem. More accurately a horse needs to know how to respond with softness to the rein aid and with hind leg engagement to your leg aid, plus they need to know how to find their own stop.

Then there are a couple things things we should know about horses. Horses are flight animals, that live in herds and eat grass. Constricting a flight animal is never a good idea, thus using signals and aids in a non constrictive manner works better than trying to force things through. As herd animals horses are capable of building strong bonds with other beings, such as us.

Last months videos used these principals to solve 3 problems

Standing by the mounting block - How to teach your horse to stand by choice, without holding tight reins or using treats. One of our members tried this and replied: "In 11 years my horse has never relaxed at the block for mounting like this. Thank you Cathrine for your advice - we have success!"

Stiff neck and hollow back - Get things right from start by using lateral flexion to help your horse find its own stop by asking for hind leg engagement. This makes horses lower their neck and lift their backs.

Horse who is afraid of unfamiliar ground layer - Helping this type of horse relax when crossing a tarp, makes it less likely to become bucked off on a trail ride.

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you became inspired to solve deep-rooted problems we often encounter when owning or training horses. I dare say that many riding accidents happen because these problems are swept under the carpet. Considering how easy it is to solve them and how the process of solving them benefits our relationship with horses it`s well worth the time spent.

If you want to join the fun and learn how to train horses in a way that`s in tune with their nature that even makes it possible to do liberty without treats - we now offer 14-day FREE trial. Check it out on👉

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