From running people down to leading at liberty

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Watch video and learn how it`s possible to solve problems by doing simple groundwork.

I teach the horse to respond to body language from a distance, combined with focus and relaxation. This is not hard to do and works wonders for all horses.

Thank you so much for watching! This groundwork builds a special connection with horses, making it possible to lead without leadrope and even ride without reins. It also solves big problems in a short amount of time. This mare was running people down, although I don`t have any video of her actually doing it - (other that her trying to run me down at a 3 meters distance and me going mad with the flag) - there where 4 persons here except me when she arrived. This is the story from one of them:

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Teaching horses to stand still and relax has many benefits. When riding it has the benefit of making it possible to ride the horse from behind to forward. 

When handling it`s a great way to make sure we have the horse`s consensus when grooming, saddling or doing other stuff with them. Check out this free training and learn how to ground tie your horse. No sign up required! 

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