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From standoffish to leading at liberty - choices transform troubled mare

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Breaking free from traditional control-based methods and embrace a new approach of connection and choices enabled me to transform troubled horses into willing partners, while staying safe and having fun. It also made riding and handling horses a lot easier. But there's one thing we need to be aware of......

Don't expect a horse that's never been given choices to perform well when first given a choice. It's continuous work, mostly on ourselves as control comes very natural for us, and it may take a couple sessions before a horse transforms. This is because we can`t MAKE horses do something by choice, they need to figure it out and choose themselves.

Which might seem time consuming to begin with, but once established everything we want to do with the horse becomes easy! Just as failing to do this from the start makes everything harder than it needs to be.

Watch video below and see how troubled mare transforms from anxious and distant to soft and engaged in the amount of sessions needed for it to happen by choice👉

A few practical exercises, done in a mindful way will enable you to solve problems and train your horse at liberty, with hind leg engagement and a functional top line - from self. Unlock the limitless potential of connection, body language and feel by joining our waitlist on

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