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Horses are by nature flight animals. They run first and ask later, something that can be frustrating and scary. However, by joining this FREE training you can help your horse become brave and confident, while building trust and connection with your equine partner.

This training will

  • Make you aware of the most common pitfalls when desensitizing and how to avoid them 

  • Show how to desensitize in a safe way, without creating mayhem or a shut down horse

So that you can

  • Ride safely on trails and in the arena, even when there`s noise, unfamiliar ground layer or flapping plastic 

  • Cross streams and ride through bushes with confidence

  • Help your horses who are afraid of whips or other training tools to find calmness and confidence with the equipment

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"My formerly anxious mare has learned to calm herself down, reducing stress not only during work but in general." - Elena Pein

"I have used the methods and in exchange I have got a beautiful and safe horse. This really works!!!" - Eline Westbye


Ride Like a Viking

Myrvangen Farm, Norway 

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