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Watch video below and learn how to make your idea your horse`s idea by giving choices. This will enable you to lead at liberty and make your horse straight from self and not counter bent - without using lunging systems or ropes 👉

Thank you so much for watching!

It`s funny how a few practical exercises, done in a mindful way enables us to ride and lead horses at liberty, with hind leg engagement and a functional top line coming from self. I myself wish I had learned this years ago, cause it makes riding much healthier for the horse and less complicated for the rider. This method is so easy to do and makes sense to horses, but it`s rarely taught. You are however in great luck! If you want to build a magic bond with your horse and learn to solve problems in a way not many are aware off, we now offer 14-day FREE trail with full access to course video library and weekly Q&As.

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