Guide 8

Teach your horse self-control when ridden

It is not possible to teach horses self-control by controlling them. Just as your horse can’t do something by choice, without having a choice in the first place. In this unit you will learn how to make your horse self controlling and how to give choices when riding. You will no longer need to use your aids to control your horse. This will make the horse much easier and safer to ride.

How to make standing still when mounted the horses idea

Using lateral flexion to get relaxation when mounting

To stand on loose reins when mounted

To stand on loose reins when mounted part 2

Self-control when ridden part 1

Self control when ridden part 2.

Self-control when ridden revisiting the groundwork

Self-control when ridden part 3

Self-control when ridden part 4

Teach your horse to run when you run

Self control at liberty

Engagement when leading

Teaching the horse to stop with the neck rein