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How to use body language at liberty

When horses talk to each other they use body language, usually at a distance. They rarely go up to each other and push other horses around with physical contact. That is why it is wise to use body language when communicating with horses and this is something young horses learn very fast.
This unit involves an older mare who probably have not been thought to respond to body language. I suspect that signals to her have been made with pressure, from the whip and the lead- rope.
That is why teaching her to Hook On at liberty took a while. 7 session to be exact. She had to relearn something, that she knew in the first place. Horses know how to respond to body language and to connect with others, that is what herd life is all about. But the ability to do this with humans, is more often than not, ruined by training.
What you do when handling your horse on a daily basis, will have a huge effect on how easy it is to teach your horse to respond to body language at liberty. We often do things that disconnects us with the horses and that is kind of sad. But on the other hand, it is surprisingly easy to fix a relationship that has gone wrong. 7 session is not a big investment in what can be a great friendship for many years to come.