Session 1 - Leading

Leading is something most of us do with our horses every day. If you want a great partnership with your horse, it is important that your leading positions you as a leader in a natural and comfortable way for the horse.
I am also convinced that what you do with the lead rope on the ground, will affect how your horse responds to the rein when you are in the saddle. This is because a horse that can follow the slack when led is more likely to know how to respond to feel when ridden. Wherever it`s a lead attached to a halter or a rein attached to a bit, it is the same principle of pressure and release that applies. But when you operate with slack and feel, it is not the actual pressure the horse responds to, but a “lessening” of the slack.
In this video I share 3 tips to success when leading a horse 🐴✨

Well done!!