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Warm welcome to the community - you can now win a genuine Viking Sheepfur from our farm, winners will be drawn 23rd of December. 


Have you ever felt like your horse is distracted and not paying attention, while what really want is a deeper connection without having to use pressure or treats? 


There are many ways to connect with horses, some people use treats, others move their horse`s feet. I have found that taking the guard and waiting for relaxation is a great way to connect with horses. 


When connecting with horses by allowing them to let us to take the guard everything else becomes so much easier, because we have taken the time to give our horse a reason to trust us and feel safe in our company. 

Hit the button below and get an exercise that makes you the one taking the guard. This will make your horse more attentive towards you and it will also make you the treat! 

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Ride Like a Viking

Myrvangen Farm, Norway 

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