On Ride Like a Viking clinics you learn how to connect with your horse through body language and choice based horse training. In short; how to make your idea, your horse`s idea, both on the ground and in the saddle. You will learn techniques that enables you to solve existing problems and problems that might occur with your horse. The clinics main aim is to build a strong connection between horse and rider. Participants learn to communicate with their horses using body language at liberty, or with a loose lead rope, depending on the facilities. We also work on techniques that enables you to ride all gaits on loose reins with a responsive, relaxed and willing equine partner.


The clinic gives a foundation for collection and self-carriage offered by the horse, as well as a foundation for liberty groundwork and riding. Total prize for one clinic is 2 000 US Dollar, this includes a 2,5 day clinic. Recommended group size is 10 participants with horses. The clinic will then cost 200 US Dollar per person.


Your instructor Cathrine Fodstad is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race. What she learned from the 1 000 km adventure on semi-wild horses, you can now learn from her. Cathrine is also educated horse trainer from Holar University College in Iceland, as well as Riding Instructor, level 1 and 2, from Norwegian Equine Center.


"Cathrine is very skilled and has a great approach that is on the horse's premises. She helps me understand why the horse does as it does so that we understand each other more easily and get a better interaction and cooperation. Highly recommended!" Lizett Skottestad


"Cathrine from Ride Like a Viking is a great source of inspiration for me and my daughter!! Cathrine's guidance has given us lots of riding joy. Her form of horsemanship has given a better understanding of the horse's language and the art of riding horses without micromanaging them." Cecilie Bjerke


"A great inspiration and help with training my horse. I warmly recommend Ride Like a Viking." Cathrine Widenberger


"The joy of learning to understand the horse!" Lene Andersen


"This was vitamin injection when I needed it the most! You're awesome 🙏 Everyone is very happy and look forward to next time 🌟👌" Susanne Näslund Rørby

Get 6 tips on how to motivate horses and become aware of the number 1 thing that demotivates them. 

Make your horse eager to work and easy to ride!

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Ride Like a Viking by Cathrine Fodstad

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