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Thank you so much for joining! Watch video below and learn how to solve any grazing issue with any horse - once and for all👉

Thank you so much for watching! There`s more on the way - make sure to look for welcome email from Ride Like a Viking with exclusive tips on how to motivate horses that gives overview of different training methods and how to use them. There`s no denying that the more tools we have the better we succeed with different horses. You will also get insight into our favorite method which is choice based horse training,   - a tool that has enabled us to succeed with horses others have given up on. 
If you found this helpful and want to make the world a better place for horses or know someone who needs this  - please share the training. It would mean a lot to us and be of great help if you did ❤️

Best regards from Cathrine, Olav and the herd 

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