Is your horse at times unfocused, lazy or anxious and you feel the need to use force to get your horse "in place" - while what you really want is a partnership where your horse follows you without lead rope and can be ridden with light signals? 

A few practical exercises done in a mindful way will help you develop a great partnership with your horse. The more connected you are with your horse the less force and equipment you need to use when handling or riding!

You don`t need treats, side reins or lunging systems to have your horse using its body functionally with hind leg engagement, a nice bend and functional top line. A horse who is connected and wants to be where he or she is will do all of that, from self. The best part is that it`s really easy to do, much easier than micromanaging horses or clicker training. Anyone can do this!

Now you can learn how in Ride Like a Viking Members where you get access to step by step videos and weekly Q&As. You can post videos and ask questions specifically about your horse. You will be part of a supportive and cheering community. In the Ride Like a Viking Members group you learn: 

  • How to get your horse to focus, relax, and pay attention

  • How to communicate with your horse through body language and choice-based horse training  

  • Ride all gaits on loose reins, or without bridle, with a responsive, relaxed, and willing equine partner

With a great partnership, you will never have to force, punish or constrict your horse again, because you will know how to get your idea to become your horses idea. 

You will never be stuck again, because you will know how to solve any problem with your horse! 

You will have a foundation for collection and self-carriage offered by the horse, as well as tools for liberty groundwork and riding. Members have had results in the form of a better partnership with their horses after just 1 session. 7 sessions are guaranteed to transform your relationship with your horse!

Experience the joy of riding

and handling a self-controlling

and connected horse!

By knowing how to give your horse choices you don`t have to force things through

Building a partnership based on connection and choice will make you a natural and beloved leader for your horse

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Your instructor Cathrine Fodstad, is the first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, the world’s longest and toughest horse race. She is also an educated horse trainer from Hólar University College in Iceland and a Riding Instructor (level 1 and 2), from the Norwegian Equine Center. Here’s what she says:

"Countless riding lessons, courses, years of working with horses, plus a trainer and riding instructor degree, taught me a lot of technical stuff, but not how to connect with horses. I had to find that elsewhere! To be one with the horse is a lifelong dream of mine. I can hardly believe it took me 35 years to figure out how; plus 2 more years to test and implement exercises that help others reach the same goal! 

Ride Like a Viking Members group is now a growing community of horse owners wanting to unite with their horses. This warms my heart and keeps me going every day. I hope to see you there!" Cathrine Fodstad

—  Cathrine Fodstad


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"Cathrine is very skilled and has a great approach that is on the horse’s premises. She helped me realize why my horse does what she does so that we understand each other more easily and get better interaction and cooperation. Highly recommended!"

— Lizett Skottestad



This program is not about keeping the horse calm and relaxed at all times, but to create tools so that your horse can find calmness again after being up. Practicing presence is what makes it possible to handle situations like stress in new places and to get your horse relaxed again after galloping. It can even be used when trailer loading! 

Body Language

Horses communicate with each other through body language. That`s why it`s wise to use body language when training horses. You will learn how to use your body language when communicating with your horse and to position yourself as a leader in a way that is natural for the horse. In this way you become a natural leader your horse trusts and wants to follow.  

Force-Free Riding

Force-free riding consists of your horse responding signals and having a choice. By giving choices, you allow your horse to learn from his or her actions and gain self-control. When your horse is forward and relaxed, and wants to be where he or she is, not everywhere else, you become one with your horse. It feels like magic!


With new videos added every month


Connect with your horse! 

One thing that many horse owners and riders struggle with, is to get their horse to focus, relax and be present. By practicing the exercise in this unit, you will:

  • Be able to claim your personal space without offending the horse

  • Be able to get your horse’s attention

  • Be able to relax and be present with your horse

  • Be able to connect with your horse, even when the horse is excited in a new environment or when trailer loading. 


Become a leader when leading

If you want a great partnership with your horse, it is important that you take leadership when leading in a way that is natural and comfortable for the horse.

What you do with the lead rope when leading, will affect how your horse responds to the rein when ridden. A horse that can follow the slack when led, is more likely to know how to respond to feel when ridden.

I share tips to success when leading a horse and I teach you how to allow your horse to naturally follow the slack.


Communicate with body language

when using halter and lead

Horses communicate with each other through body language. That`s why it`s wise to use body language when communicating with horses. You will learn how to use your body language as a first signal when giving cues on the ground.

By making the horse aware of body language cues prior to the use of lead-rope, the horse will soon learn to respond to your body language. And that means less pressure is needed when signaling to the horse.


Communicate with your horse at

liberty and lead without lead rope

This unit shows you the next big leap. It teaches you how to communicate with your horse with just your body language. You will also learn how to lead your horse without lead-rope.

These techniques are demonstrated with an older mare that had previously been trained in a counterproductive way. From this starting point, I teach her to respond to body language over the course of 7 sessions.


Help your horse become braver

and less spooky

Horses are often afraid of unexpected touch, sounds, movements and unfamiliar ground layer.

This unit will help your horse relax and become braver in any situation. You will also learn the system to make your braver to anything new, without hurting yourself or your horse in the process.


Riding signals

In this unit you will learn the essentials of riding a horse with light signals.  I show how you can teach your horse to respond to you picking up the reins without having to actually pull on it.

You will learn how to attach your leg aid to the hind-leg of the horse and ride your horse forward from behind. You’ll also know how to teach your horse riding signals that make your horse soft in the mouth and easy to stop.


Trailer loading made easy

One thing that many horse owners struggle with, is to get their horse into a trailer. By using the groundwork thought in this program trailer loading is no sweat at all. When loading it is important to be present with your horse, so that that the horse can find relaxation on the ramp and inside the trailer.

It is also important to make the area outside the trailer a place of work. The groundwork thought in previous units are ideal to do just that.


Teach your horse self-control

when ridden

It is not possible to teach horses self-control by controlling them. Just as your horse can’t do something by choice, without having a choice in the first place.

In this unit you will learn how to make your horse self controlling and how to give choices when riding. You will no longer need to use your aids to control your horse. This will make the horse much easier and safer to ride.


Ride without bridle!

Once you’ve completed all the exercises in the previous units you will have developed a new connection with your horse. With this in place, you’d be surprised how easy it is to ride without a bridle.​ This unit teaches you the important last pieces of the puzzle. That makes riding without a bridle safe and easy.


Every Thursday!

Personal Guidance

Get input on your specific problem with your specific horse! Receive advice and suggestions by simply making a video or by describing your problem. Cathrine  will help you out live every Thursday. You will also receive advice from  a supportive group that cheers for you!

Ask Questions

Hi , I was hoping you would share some tips on how to train the tolt on a young horse. The horse in question is a 7 year old mare. i believe her to be a four gaiter she is a strong trotter. Thanx 😄

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After 2 weeks of ground work with halter and lead rope, We had our first session at liberty. It was a success 😀😀He followed me around before we even got started 😅 And he recognized all my signals from working with halter and lead rope 👌👌




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