Ride Like a Viking Course


Case Study 1 Connection exercise that works on most horses Case Study 2 How to connect with an anxious and unfocused horse Case Study 3 Connecting with a pushy and potentially dangerous horse Unit 1 - Connection and personal space Unit 2 - Become a natural leader when leading Unit 3 - Body language with halter and lead rope Unit 4 - Body language at liberty Unit 5 - Help your horse become braver and less spooky Unit 6 - Riding signals Unit 7 - Teach your horse self-control Unit 8 - Ride without bridle Unit 9 - How to make your horse less herd and home bound Unit 10 - How to motivate a not so forward horse Unit 11 - Long reining Unit 12 - Ponying, football and other fun stuff! Unit 13 - Trailer loading made easy Unit 14 - Foal/Young horse handling and herd management


2 Plan Available, from $22/month