I talk about the former owner doing a great job in training Freya our Norwegian Coldblooded Trotter to become a riding horse and how the best reward we can give horses is to be present and take the guard🐴
Taking the guard is what horses offer each other when being together in a herd. Being aware of this works better than treats (as used in positive reinforcement) or release (as used in negative reinforcement) when attempting to connect with them. Since I noticed Freyas "cold shoulder" and decided not to engage in it, she is more relaxed and eats hay when alone in the stable, something she coldn`t do earlier❤
Taking the guard is also what makes it possible to to liberty without treats, cause it gives equines a reason to be with us that is not based on external rewards since we become the reward. I am so grateful for Freya, she has made this concept much more understandable for me by being so kind and clear in her body language✨
What do you think?

Well done!

The clue is taking the guard